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Ready for dinner 🍝🍷

#BerryBeautiful #Orlando #Curly (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
I will catch the Yeti next time! #BerryBeautiful #Orlando (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
With my mains @rrochelle @djgreenbeanz!  (at KnightsPub)
I loathe being sick but the best way for me to treat it is getting #sunlight! How do you battle a cold and what would you like to see in my next #BerryBeautiful #YouTube video? (at Orlando, FL)
A Mikvah a day will keep bad thoughts away. Happy Friday πŸ’š (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
Hey, I posted a quick review of the Maybelline Pure BB w/ salicylic acid; watch it on my YouTube channel, Berry Beautiful. Have a wonderful Monday, darlings. πŸ’š #curly #berrybeautiful #orlando (at Youtube.com/elizzie954)
Ready to Celebrate #Independence Day Right with the #Moët Rosé! What are your Fourth of July plans?  (at Casselberry Liquors)
"Don’t hate me ‘cause your girlfriend loves me." #BerryBeautiful (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
Earlier today at Fresh to Order :) Tonight, I’m catching up on Pretty Little Liars and trying a new wine. What are your plans? (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
Just posted a detail review with my thoughts on the June #OnyxBox from @WeAreOnyx. Containing products from #lottabody #sheamoisture #cargo and more. Check it out on my site, BerryBeautifulLife.com and let me know what you think of the subscription box! (Link in my Bio) #BerryBeautiful #curlyhair #beauty #naturalhair  (at Berry Beautiful)
Yesterday’s brunch at #FirstWatch was eggcellent! Read the review on my website www.BerryBeautifulLife.com under the #OrlandoRestaurants tab. #UCF #Orlando #foodie #breakfast #café (at FirstWatch Daytime Cafe)
I’m so happy I found this park! Exercising outdoors makes me feel more at home even if I’m in #Orlando :) I’m too sweaty to take a selfie though haha  (at Jay Blanchard Park)
Chillin with my Ginga, YEAHHH…OK! #Tier #Orlando #DowntownOrlando (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
Exhaling from my workout. Ok, this video still was from awhile ago,  BUT I really did work my legs out today haha! Thumb up the latest video I’m in, “White Girls” by @bezzbelieve69, on his YouTube channel, BezzBelieveMusic or you can watch it on my blog! Filmed by @worldfamousfilms. And make sure to get your #workout in since it’s #May which means beach time! 🌴🐬 (at BerryBeautifulLife.com)
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