YouTube: Berry Beautiful
Love, Liz
Autumn in Florida. 
Photography: @donovanbrooksphotography 

I can’t wait to graduate so I can travel and see a “real” autumn where all the trees are orange! Speaking of orange things, I tried the Starbucks pumpkin spice latte since everyone always raves about it, and it was atrocious! One of the worst beverages I’ve ever had right after ginger and boba tea. Now the pumpkin beer at BJ’s Brewhouse is downright delightful so try that (if you’re of age). I’m done with my random rant, check out my website for more videos and comment so I can know what you would like to see next.
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Hehe I do this to my bf whenever I have lipstick on.

Marchesa S/S 2015
Going back to green tea to try and kick this coffee addiction. What is your favorite brand of green tea? 🍵  (at

Vegan Nachos with Queso (by Minimalist Baker)

I’m forever hungry.

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This looks really good!
Not fancy but it makes me happy. If I can fit art in at least once a week, I’m much more at peace. I don’t have to do a great job; the process is therapeutic on its own.